Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Introducing The Martinerz

Our third video for Martinerz Pro is done. This video just tells you who's who.


Sharon said...

Great editing....loved mid-air freezes!

Max Ackerson said...

Thanks im glad you like the videos.
It took about 3 tries for each of us each time we did a jump to get it right.

Sandy said...

WELL WOW - great action and stop action shots!! Max, are ya gonna be a filmmaker some day, cause you're well on your way.

One son of mine was a skateboarder, one a snowborder, one a computer nerd, and one a baker/chef (then and now)...

Sadly, phones with video features weren't available in the day and they took some but not enough videos of themselves involved in their "stuff".

But my grandsons...yeah.. they'll be doing it I'm sure when they are old enough.

This was very entertaining.