Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Wheel Of Time

Around a month ago i ordered all the books in the Wheel Of Time series by Robert Jordan from chapters indigo. There is eleven books in the series there was going to be twelve but Robert Jordan died last year near the starting of December, he was 58.

Robert Jordan is one of my favorite authors. The type of novels he wrote were fantasy adventure and are action packed. I have only read three of the eleven books, of them is the prequel to the whole story so it counts as number zero in the series.

If you like Piers Anthony, Christopher Paolini or the Dragon Lance series or if you just love fantasy adventure books then i recommend reading some of Robert Jordan's work.

The top picture is the three books i have read, and the picture below it are the books i haven't read.

3 down 9 to go!!!!!


Sharon said...

You've already read 3 of them! Wow!!

Don said...

I have heard of these books, but have not read them. I think I will read them this summer. Is there one that you think is better than the others?

They look like huge books!

Max Ackerson said...

Yeah there really great books, i really enjoy reading them.

Thats a really hard question. I like each book the same right now though, maybe I will have a favorite when ive read the series.

All of the books are around 650-900 pages long, but one of them is around 300 pages.