Friday, April 11, 2008

The beach 2

Heres some more pictures from the beach, the top one is looking across the beach from the sand, the second picture is a breathing tube sticking out of the ground. Clams and mollusks will dig down into the sand and live there but they need to breath so they will make tubes out of sand to bring air down to them.

The third picture is a rock covered in barnacles, enjoy!!


thealteredpage said...

Great shots and that breathing tube is really cool.

Max Ackerson said...

oh thanks, out here on a nice day when the tides out you can see hundreds of them poking out of the sand, and its not to step on any.

Kat said...

these are some really great shots!!!
I'm really into photography as well.
I've never seen shots like that before, though.
Keep it up!