Monday, February 18, 2008


Heres one of my latest drawings, its of Scourge from Marvel Comics. The original Scourge was the brother of the criminal known as the Enforcer. Outraged by his brother's criminal behavior, Scourge got a gun and disguised himself as an old women, and gunned down the Enforcer. He then became obsessed with traveling the country ruthlessly exterminating criminal after criminal, all while disguised. Each time Scourge shot someone he would yell "Justice is served!"
The original Scourge was captured by Captain America but before Cap could turn him over to the authorities, Scourge was shot by an unseen assailant who also shouted "Justice is served!" who then became the new Scourge. Over the years each Scourge has been assassinated by a following Scourge to keep him from talking. Scourges relied on the resources of a private detective named Domino, who kept track of super villains around the world.

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