Friday, January 25, 2008


Heres a new drawing i just did from marvel comics villainous Carrion. Heres his story, The first Carrion was a clone of Miles Warren who was Spider-Man's enemy Jackal. Before his death Warren left a clone of himself in a capsule, but something went wrong and the creature that emerged was like a living corpse. Carrion died in a fire following a battle with Spider-Man. Many years later, a fellow research student of Peter Parker's named Malcolm McBride discovered a test tube containing a genetic creation of Warren's, the "Carrion Virus." The virus consumed McBride and turned him into a second incarnation of Carrion. When Miles Warren's body was examined by Dr. William Allen, he was infected with the virus, and became the third and most powerful Carrion. Carrion could repel living matter, levitate, and destroy living matter with his touch also he could reduce the density of his body to become almost invisible, and he also teleport.

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Gwen Buchanan said...

you have captured the death-like feel .... the hands are very realistic!! keep it up

Max Ackerson said...

thank you very much i appreciate your comment